The Prime Minister came to the "Performance Hangzhou" exhibition hall!


Today, the distinguished Premier Li and other government officials came to the "Performance Hangzhou" exhibition hall in the Hangzhou Civic Center. Kexin provided professional design and construction integration, maintenance and other services for the exhibition hall.

In the design of the exhibition hall, Kexin extracted the elements of Qianjiang Tide, which fully demonstrating the regional and contemporary sense, and the shape is unique and distinctive. With the development of the times, performance appraisal follows the changes in the concept of governance, and urban life is full of vitality. New Hangzhou is stand in front of the world.

The elements of the Qianjiang tide meet the background of the evaluation, highlighting the key exhibition items, clear division of the area, and clear spatial hierarchy. The color of the space is unified, harmonious with the external space, the space is large, and the utilization rate is high. The exhibition hall clearly displays the achievements of Hangzhou's innovation and excellence, publicity policies and regulations, and disseminates the performance culture. It provides a place to visit and interact with the public to reflect the public opinion and participate in performance appraisal.

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