About Us

Archsign is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China-Zhejiang Kexin Culture Development Co., Ltd., which was founded in March 2016, located in California. Based on the parent company, it focuses on the master planning and design of museums and provides related trade services. To expand the high-tech interactive exhibit business overseas for the parent company in China. As a bridge between the parent company and foreign design agencies and designers. It is an important platform to make the parent company more international.

Zhejiang Kexin Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kexin Cultural Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a top comprehensive exhibition enterprise specializing in the planning, design, construction, operation and management of public cultural venues in China. The service layout covers many public cultural venues such as science and technology museums, museums, planning exhibition halls, and enterprise exhibition halls.

Kexin's performance has spread all over the country, has successfully completed the construction and operation management of more than 400 public cultural venue exhibition projects including: China Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, China, Beijing Science Center, Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum, Liaoning Science and Technology Museum, Gansu Science and Technology Museum, National Wetland Museum of China, etc.

Design Cooperation

As a subsidiary of Kexin, Archsign hopes to build a bridge of design cooperation with foreign design agencies and designers. We have a lot of business networks in China, some projects require the participation of foreign designers, we hope that the design agencies and designers who are interested in exploring the Chinese market can become our partners, we can share projects with you, help you expanding the Chinese market. Moreover, if you have good interactive exhibits, you can also contact us, we can bring these creative exhibits to the Chinese market.